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About Myself

From a very young age I have been a reader, after I became a comic reader of course from there I went to Science Fiction and Fantasy then alternated between very diverse literary genre, to theatre and movie.

I have always had a very inquiring, creative spirit that needed to be filled with activity, and suddenly found myself involved in a unique newly discovered aesthetic that prompted me to create and design.

Steampunk is based on several concepts that together form a unique and unmistakable aesthetic. One of them being raised is the retrofuturistic universe in which an alternate present technology that science has not yet developed chips or electronic. The development of the world in base of analogic machinery, in which the movement of a gear spreads to another cog in a complex maze making complicated heavy metal machinery function.

But that, however work in an almost organic, complex mode by means of harmonizing the exact geometrical proportions of innovative engineering and in where everything fits perfectly.

The Steampunk aesthetic is based on the Victorian/Edwardian period, excessive but at the same time moderate, beforehand this could have aroused, a feeling of rejection in me if it were not for the fact that Steampunk adds something ludic, fun and free by means of an unbounded personal creativity to which there is no limit and where both restraint and rigity of rules and the avid acceptance of liberating transgression coexist together.

Steam= vapor (period of vapor and machinery) Punk=transgression, change of the norm.

Contradiction? Without a doubt, but fantastic in any case.

Clockpunk is a subgene in the Steampunk movement. It is based on the cog and pieces of clocks, which I cut up, each one is cleaned so that they shine and one can benefit from their splendor of past years. I mix them, engage, separate and sometimes find those special pieces,distinct…. Only looking at them I begin to imagine where they fit in, like protagonists in a movie.

I feel that they are not mere decorations, they are minute jewels that have to be used and never forgotten. I pass this sentiment on to whom buys them, and who acquires something distinct, unrepeatable, unique and exclusive.

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